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A Prehistoric Family Adventure™, A Place to Eat, Shop, Explore and Discover™ is a unique attraction that features dining and retail in an interactive prehistoric environment. The concept is built around water, fire and ice. Guests visiting T-REX are greeted with life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, bubbling geysers, a fossil dig site and much more, taking them back to a time before humans walked the earth.

T-REX greets visitors with a skeletal version of the Tyrannosaurus Rex outside and, an animatronic version just inside the front door. There is also a 125 foot long replica of the Argentinosaurus, which is not only the largest dinosaur, but quite possibly also the largest and heaviest animal to ever walk the earth.  In addition, when guests enter T-REX, they’ll be greeted by a giant animatronic octopus sitting on top of the Shark Bar motioning guests in for a specialty drink and a view of a 5,000-gallon shark tank. Lava rock, greenery and lighting effects combine to transport visitors into a time long ago.

The restaurant is divided into several separate, distinctive dining rooms, each with its own theme and animatronic dinosaurs. The Ice Age Room, for example, resurrects the woolly mammoth, complete with baby and (machine-made) snow. The Sequoia Room is the home of a Triceratops and its infant, along with a 2,000-gallon fish tank. Other exciting areas include the Shark Room, Fern Forest Room, Geo-Tech Room, Aqua Room and an outside deck for dining al fresco.

While the décor may be prehistoric, the food facilities are cutting-edge. The Kitchen of Fire™ offers a brick pizza oven and rotisserie that allow visitors to see meals being prepared. Dishes such as Triassic Tortellini, the Bronto Burger and the one-of-a-kind 18 oz.T-REX Bone-in Rib Eye keep up the dinosaur theme, while delicious desserts such as Chocolate Extinction and Build-Your-Own-S'mores provide the perfect finish to a rich dining experience.

For those who want to take the T-REX experience home, the Dino-Store provides a wide variety of dinosaur-related apparel and gifts. Young dinosaur fans will especially enjoy the chance to take home their own personal dinosaur with Build-A-Dino®, Where Best Friendosaurs Are Made™.  Developed by Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. in partnership with T-REX, the store offers several prehistoric animal toys with a variety of accessories and outfits from which to choose. T-Rex is currently opened at the The Legends at Village West in Kansas City, Kansas and at Downtown Disney Marketplace at Disneyworld/Orlando, Florida .


T-Rex located at Downtown Disney Marketplace® in Orlando, FL


T-Rex Argentinasaurus skeletal 125-foot long replica entrance


Inside front door is an animatronic Tyrannosaurus waiting to greet the guests


40 foot long octopus with eight animated arms and two watchful eyes  

In this aquatic region guests dine amid jelly fish and sea creatures.  A central coral reef aquarium complete with an underwater coral formation adds drama to the denizens of the deep


The giant shark aquarium is the focal point of The Shark Bar.  The 5,000 Gallon Salt Water Shark Tank features Bamboo Sharks and many more species from coral reefs around the world

A woolly mammoth and her baby greet guests with a blast of chilly air upon entry 

Ice Cave Dining Room - Designed to thrill and chill guests of all ages.  The live flames from the Kitchen of Fire™ melt a T-Rex skeleton.  This is the perfect melding of the three elements of water, fire and ice

Woolly mammoth babies

The Kitchen of Fire™ - a series of meats and vegetables are seared grilled over glowing embers, creating a symphony of the senses - sight, sounds, smell, taste and touch


Approaching this "Hot Zone" guests are met with blasts of hot air from the Kitchen of Fire and a view of distant mountains while a giant winged Pterosaur is perched on a nearby cliff.  Every 20 minutes a thunderous meteor shower fills the sky while Ptoronadons fly overhead

Apatosaurus and her babies climb a treacherous hill peaking down on diners


The Stegosaurus and Triceratops with their babies roam The Fern Forest

Giagantosaurus Burger - A true carnivore's delight!

This room affords a “dine in the dinosaur” experience where guests eat inside a gigantic Triceratops standing guard over her baby

The Paleo Zone -This unprecedented Paleontological Dig is an extraordinary hands-on interactive excursion for the entire family.  Guests experience a real dig site where they can uncover and identify T-Rex bones 


The Discovery Creek - the sluice is the focal point of the Discovery Creek where guests have a chance to get their hands wet while panning for minerals, gems and real fossils

Retail space with more than 2,000 sq. ft. and over 2,000 sku's including  Build-A-Dino™ by Build-A-Bear Workshops®

Build-a-Dino® - Where guests can literally breathe life into dinosaurs of their own creation

T-Rex at Downtown Disney Marketplace® during Magic Hour

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